Economic Intergration

What are the barriers and enablers to regional integration and how to promote economic development that benefits the poor.


How to harness the benefits of Urbanization for the poor, particularly women and girls..

Conflict and security

Understanding drivers of change conflict and what works to promote security in Eastern Africa.

Are you a University, Think tank, NGO, regional or international organization, or for profit firm that is interested in undertaking research within East Africa. Join Us today...


Current Research Calls

Are you a University, Think tank, NGO, international organisations, or for profit firm that is intrested in undertaking research within East Africa. Find out Current Research Calls. Read More ...


EARF Research Projects

Wish to know what is happening and what EARF is currently doing ? Find out what Current Research Projects are on-going and which organisation are carrying out the research projects and where in E.A. Read More ...


Resources and Articles

Check our Resources Tab for Information on Research Articles, FAQ's, Publications, Forums and Discussions, guides and tutorials towards prepairing better Technical and commercial proposals. Read more ...


Procurement Process

EARF procurement process for Research Projects is straight forward and transparent. Get to learn the process and get Involved as a Researcher or a Peer Reviewer. Read More ...

About East Africa Research Fund

The East Africa Research Fund (EARF) is a funding facility managed by PricewaterhouseCoopers Kenya (PwC) on behalf of DFID’s East Africa Research Hub (EARH). Through this facility, DFID’s country offices in eastern Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan) are supported to use evidence in order to drive development impact and value for money, linking with UK’s wider science and research agenda in the region.

Procurement and programme management aspects of the projects are handled by the Fund Manager represented by PwC.

The Hub has four main objectives:

  • Supporting DFID country offices in the region to use and generate high-quality relevant research and evidence and;
  • Supporting regional relevant research which addresses key challenges for countries in the region or are cross-border issues.
  • Strengthening the research capacity and systems in East Africa
  • Promoting cross-UK government work on science, technology and innovation.
Common Mistakes
Common Mistakes and Shortcomings in Application Bids

The East Africa Research Fund (EARF) considers only those proposal bids that have been submitted... more

Research Communication Guidelines for Supply Organizations

When preparing communications plans for research projects, suppliers are recommended to consider... more

Research Uptake Guidelines

Research uptake includes all the activities that facilitate and contribute to the use of research evidence by policy... more


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