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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Can an Organisation submit bids as consortia or subcontracts ?

Suppliers may opt to submit bids as consortia or subcontracts to complement their respective areas of expertise, strengthen the technical responsiveness of their proposals and make available bigger pools of experts, provide better approaches and methodologies, and, in some cases, offer lower prices. For sub-contracting arrangements, the lead entity shall submit the Bid.

What are the requirements to get invloved as a Peer Reviewer ?

Interested professionals will be required to register as Peer reviewers through our research portal.
These professionals will be included in the EARF Peer Review database and shall be engaged in the researches on a need basis.

Interested persons should possess a minimum of the following:

  • A PhD or its equivalent from a recognized university specializing on a topic that is relevant to the research themes funded by the EARF;
  • Postdoctoral research experience evidenced by quality publications in recognized high impact peer reviewed journals;
  • Translation of research-to-policy with evidence of policy-related outputs;
    Research and or project management experience; and
  •  Experience in proposal review or refereeing publications

Who is eligible to apply for EARF Funding?

Research suppliers are bonafide registered entities such as universities, research organizations or firms with a credible research capacity and experience.

Does the dissemination of results require a physical venue ?

The activities are expected to be done virtually unless:

  • It’s a Kenyan based organization and that these activities do not have additional budget implications, or
  • It is expressly provided in the contract for a physical meeting to be held

Should a supplier have past experience in the research area?

Having experience in the field is mandatory. The Bid might require suppliers to indicate their experience in the specific area of Research.

What is the currency of operation?

The base currency for all research projects shall be Pound Sterling (GBP).
All suppliers shall be expected to submit commercial bids in GBP. Kenyan based suppliers can submit their commercial bids in both GBP and Kenya Shillings. Suppliers based in Kenya should use Central Bank of Kenya exchange rates as applicable and attach proof of the exchange rate to the commercial proposal. The exchange rates can be found at

Can the submission deadline be extended ?

EARF may extend the deadline if it is deemed necessary. In such a case suppliers would be informed in advance.

Which Tax Legislation shall be followed?

PwC reserves the right to deduct taxes (where applicable) from payments made to the supplier in accordance with applicable Kenyan tax legislations: PwC will charge (1) VAT (if applicable) and/or (2) withholding tax at the rates prescribed by the VAT Act and Kenya Income Tax Act respectively. This information could be found at

Is there scope for adjusting the work-plan and deliverables?

The final work plan will be agreed during the kick off meeting taking into consideration the achievement of the overall objectives of the project.


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