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Fund Process

This is a summary of the procurement processes that the Fund Manager (FM) undertakes in the implementation of the activities of the East Africa Research Fund (EARF) in conformity with DFID requirements.

Pre-Launch Activities
The procurement schedule of activities begins when the Fund Manager receives information on project title and broad objectives from the East Africa Research Hub.
Thereafter, the Fund Manager:

  • alerts research suppliers through the EARF website and by social media
  • receives the approved concept paper from the Research Hub
  • prepares an Invitation to Tender pack for approval by the Research Hub consisting of:
  1.  Letter of Invitation
  2. Terms of reference
  3. Instructions to Suppliers
  4. Summary template for research methodology
  5. Scoring methodology and evaluation criteria
  6. Commercial template

Launch Activities
Once approval of the ITT pack is received from the Research Hub, the Fund Manager :

  • publishes the call and uploads ITT pack on the EARF website, other networks as well as social media while the Research Hub publishes the  call on DFID’s platforms
  • The call is open for a specified time (e.g. 3,4 or 5 weeks) during which time FM receives and responds to queries.

Applications after Submission
At the end of the call, the Fund Manager:

  • Checks all applications received from suppliers for compliance
  • Submits compliant applications for 2 levels of evaluation:
    • Technical bids are evaluated by specialist panel appointed by the Research Hub
    • Commercial bids are evaluated by FM
  • The final scores including the due diligence report are discussed in a Consensus meeting (FM and Research Hub)
  • FM and Research Hub undertakes Pre award interviews  depending on need.
  • FM conducts due diligence review on the identified supplier organisation, in line with DFID standards and makes a recommendation to the Research Hub about whether the supplier organisation meets the due diligence benchmark.
  • FM makes a Notification of Award of Contract to the successful supplier followed by:
    • Stand still period (5 days)
    • Contract negotiation and signing with the successful bidder
    • All applicants receive a written feedback on their performance

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