Are you a University, Think tank, NGO, regional or international organization, or for profit firm that is interested in undertaking research within East Africa. Join Us today...

How to Get Involved

There are 2 ways to get involved :

a) Supplier

Research projects will be tendered and procured by the Fund Manager to which research supplier organisations will respond through the submission of technical and commercial proposals.

Potential suppliers involved in research (universities, think tanks, NGO's, international organisations, or for profit firms) are encouraged to register through our research portal  and apply for upcoming calls. 
Research projects will be awarded to eligible organisations following an evaluation process and subsequently monitored by the Fund Manager.
In addition to generating high quality research outputs, suppliers are required to design and implement policy uptake strategies demonstrating how findings, evidence and analyses are being used by DFID, external agencies and other policy makers.

All research studies will be regional public goods and will be available to governments, donors and all relevant stakeholders to promote evidence-based policy making in the region.

b) Peer Reviewer

As part of its evaluation and quality assurance process, EARF will engage individuals with relevant academic and professional experience as Peer Reviewers.

Interested professionals will be required to register as Peer reviewers through our research portal. These professionals will be included in the EARF Peer Review database and shall be engaged in the researches on a need basis.

Interested persons should possess a minimum of the following:

  • A PhD or its equivalent from a recognized university specializing on a topic that is relevant to the research themes funded by the EARF;
  • Postdoctoral research experience evidenced by quality publications in recognized high impact peer reviewed journals;
  • Translation of research-to-policy with evidence of policy-related outputs;
  • Research and or project management experience; and
  • Experience in proposal review or refereeing publications

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