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Supplier Briefing on Shaping East African Cities as Systems to Work Better for All

The East Africa Research Fund hosted participants on 10th February, to a briefing in Nairobi and London on the ongoing research project on Shaping East African Cities as Systems to Work Better for All.

The project aims to test a new approach to urbanisation research, treating each of a selection of individual cities in East Africa as an ‘integrated system.’ The objective is to deliver integrated, multi-disciplinary research that helps us understand and influence political settlements, institutions (formal and informal) and governance in rapidly growing cities, and through these support the design of targeted and integrated interventions that promote inclusive growth, poverty reduction and access to livelihoods. The intention is explicitly practical – the ‘system’ approach and integration of political economy and/or ‘political settlement’ analysis aims to understand and help overcome constraints to development in different sectors and for cross–sectoral interventions.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who attended the event and we sincerely apologize for the technical problems experienced during the session.

Please download resourceful information on the presentations and Question and Answer record below.


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