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Call for Proposal for Research on harmonising registrations and identification in emergencies in Somalia



Identification and registration of beneficiaries in emergencies –  in ways that ensure the most vulnerable are reached, that minimise delays and duplication, that gather data necessary for programming and that protect and store that data safely – is a challenging yet essential aspect of humanitarian response. 

In a number of contexts, increased use of cash-based assistance has prompted requests from operational agencies and donors for a centralised database of beneficiary data and/or improved sharing of registrations data to minimise duplication, reduce the need for multiple registration exercises of the same people, and potentially to form the basis for longer term social safety nets programmes. A number of major actors working on cash-based initiatives have also started to develop large scale integrated cash registration and delivery platforms, which they propose to scale and make available to other actors. Sharing registration data is also critical to scaling-up an integrated response where the same people or households are targeted with multiple, complementary interventions in a way which minimises the costs to beneficiaries.   There is currently no agreed approach to how beneficiary data gathered through registrations should be shared between relevant actors. There is, however, significant work ongoing around the separate but related issues of (i) identification in emergencies and (ii) management information systems in the development of social protection systems.



The research will provide rigorous and robust evidence on the option/s for the harmonisation and streamlining of the registration of emergency affected people in Somalia in a way which minimises duplication and increases the timeliness and quality of the response.

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