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Writing Responsive Commercial Proposal on 30 Aug 2016

On August 30 2016, EARF had a Webinar with Suppliers on "Tips for Writing Responsive Commercial Proposal ".

Please find attached files for your referance on the Webinar.

Please find as an attachment to this post a Presenation on Tips of Writing Responsive Commercial Proposal to EARF.

Below are some of the Questions that were tackled during the webinar.

  1. Can EARF recommend organizations to form partnerships with? EARF encourages suppliers to form consortiums by individually reaching out to suitable organizations based on their specific research gaps.
  2. Are there available detailed guidelines on demonstrating VfM? EARF has adopted DFID’s value for Money guidelines as detailed on DFID’s website. ( ). Our key focus is to evaluate how your organization understands Value for Money in General and also how the 3E’s of Value for Money will be achieved during the implementation of the project.
  3. Is it ok to provide a budget in PDF ? An Excel template is always provided for completing the Commercial Bid. EARF encourages suppliers to complete commercial Bids in the template and submit in Excel format for ease of analysis during evaluation. However, an organization can still choose to complete the Financial Methodology in pdf. In such scenario, the pdf MUST be of the same format as indicated in the Excel file and MUST be submitted together with an Excel file that will include a duly completed Financial Plan and Milestone breakdown sheets.
  4. What details are required when completing EARF’s financial methodology? EARF expects suppliers when completing Financial Methodology to briefly explain the rational of their Organization’s Commercial Tender and how it offers best value. This should also set out the governance, management methodology or process for managing financial risks and issues to provide confidence that their organization’s business processes are sufficiently robust to ensure effective delivery on time and within budget.
  5. What should suppliers focus on when completing bench marking? Suppliers should provide details on how the professional fees have been calculated / decided supported by the basis and evidence used in setting (or benchmarking) the fees. (This could be internal or external). EARF expects the suppliers to also compare their rates to prevailing market rates for similar projects where possible.
  6. The Commercial template provided for Bids is too complicated especially when calculating for taxes. Can this be simplified? Yes, EARF has redesigned its commercial template and the current template auto calculates your relevant taxes based on your organizations country of registration.
  7. What I submit a commercial Bid in USD? No, the base currency for all research projects shall be Pound Sterling (GBP). All suppliers shall be expected to submit commercial bids in GBP. Kenyan based suppliers can submit their commercial bids in both GBP and Kenya Shillings. Suppliers based in Kenya should use Central Bank of Kenya exchange rates as applicable and attach proof of the exchange rate to the commercial proposal. The exchange rates can be found at
  8. What is a Milestone breakdown and how should this be completed? Milestone Breakdown is an analysis of your budget into specific Research Milestone Components.Since each research project has specific milestones to be achieved during implementation, EARF requires suppliers when preparing their bids to breakdown the costs into the specific milestones to be delivered. The Excel template provided has guidelines on how the worksheet should be completed.

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